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As the owner of 2 Turbo 54 crushers, I am very impressed with the service call made by CEMCO's Service Manager Joseph Trujillo. I was impressed with how Joseph presented himself. He was very professional, had very strong knowledge of the equipment, and I was impressed that Joseph drove through a snow storm to come up and see us.

 - Rob Nannini, Callahan-Nannini Quarry Products


Your service technician Mike Neal was at Arkansas Sand Co. yesterday and today. We recently purchased a used machine  that was available on the market. Mike helped us with the oil lube panel we purchased from CEMCO, along with providing  some on-site training. We are very pleased with CEMCO's service and the information supplied.  We wish all suppliers would be as forthcoming with information (especially as we had NOT purchased a new piece of equipment).

- Blake Ross, Plant Manager - Arkansas Sand Co.


It is rare that an equipment manufacturer is so willing to stand by and provide such exemplary customer service to their customers, and yet CEMCO consistently delivers. It is because of this service that Buckhorn Sand can continue to be successful in providing top quality aggregate sand to the North Georgia market.

-Buckhorn Sand & Gravel, Cumming, GA


We have never received less that a top quality product from CEMCO. We are very satisfied with their service. Any time we have a problem they are very helpful and friendly and we receive parts or assistance in a timely manner.

-Glacial Sand and Gravel

CEMCO and their dealer Silver State Machinery have done a great job of extending the CEMCO culture to our facility. They are always there when it counted. The technical support that I receive has been unbelievable. I can’t begin to say how satisfied I am with everyone there at CEMCO.

-Southern Nevada Liteweight, Las Vegas Nevada


CEMCO always has their parts in inventory & will ship however requested.  I don’t remember ever having a part or casting on back order. CEMCO will go above and beyond the call of duty. I wish more of our manufacturers were as good to deal with.

-The G.W. Van Kepple Company, Tulsa Ok


I would like to applaud you and your team for such a fine job assisting us in this upgrade. At a glance, this seems to be our key to issues previously identified, we will continue to collect data to support this initial finding. Joe is a very professional engineer, and it is a pleasure to work along side with him. He has educated us in many ways, and would like to say thanks, from SMI! Your whole family at CEMCO has been wonderful as well, so please extend our gratitude.

Joe Brownell
Plant Manager
Strategic Materials


Hi Neil. We did installation very successful. The crusher runs very well-everybody are happy. The capacity of the crusher amazed us! I hope that Mr. Joseph back to US with good impressions too.

Best regards,

PUTEVI GROUP / Office Milan - Italy Ivan Marinkovic Commercial Director


Mr. Hise,

"I personally learned more in 90 minutes of listening to you than I had in six months of research."

John B. Calacci President Calacci Construction Co., Inc.


My name is Marcus Montoya, I am the supervisor for Village of Los Lunas NM , Solid Waste & Recycling.

One of the first concerns from our customers I heard was, when are you going to start recycling glass. We have to travel all the way to Albuquerque just to recycle our glass ! (40 mile round trip)

Well it was during my first year as supervisor I met Ms. Jennifer Hise from (Cemco). She was operating a glass grinder at a Los Lunas recycling day. I was very interested in this glass grinder and full of questions. Jennifer invited me and a coworker to come out to (Cemco) in Belen . Where we met Jerry Jackson (Special Projects Manager).

Let me tell you we found out everything about this glass grinder there is to know. In its design and durability, we had already seen it in action at our recycling day in los lunas. We knew it could take many ( hundreds) of glass containers and reduce them to cullets of glass in no time.

Working in the public sector I needed to get to work justifying such a purchase before submitting to budget approval. Timing was right because (Cemco) would be returning from a manufacturing expo with a demonstration floor model. Which was just the right size to start our glass recycling program and, priced reasonable enough to be purchased through our tight budget .

Thanks to Cemco and staff for their hands on training with the (Glass Gator ). We have started addressing the concerns of our customers here in Los Lunas on a monthly schedule just for glass recycling. I’m happy to report in the past four months we have successfully ground ( many ) glass containers. We have tracked the cullet glass and to this date 12-12-12 , have over five thousand pounds of product- color separated. It will be turned over in the spring time to our Parks & Recreation Dept. to create a decorative land scape project.

I’d like to thank all the staff at Cemco not only for a quality glass grinder. But also for their involvement and contributions to all of the surrounding communities here in Valencia county.

Marcus G. Montoya

Solid Waste & Recycling