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CEMCO Inc. provides efficient recycling equipment that quickly transforms waste glass into a 100 percent recyclable, cullet or soft-edged sand byproduct. The glass processing plant processes about 3,500 to 4,000 lbs. per hour and is ideal for recycling glass for business districts, large casinos or conference centers and municipalities, according to the company.

The glass processing plant transforms glass into rounded, 3/8-in. sand that is safe to the touch. The machine's hopper and conveyor provide efficiency and ease of use to the operator. The crusher is powered by a 10-hp, NEMA Class C TEFC electric motor and features strategically located trapdoors to prevent flying glass debris from exiting the machine, which further enhances operator safety.

The processing plant incorporates intelligent controls, resulting in improved operator safety and efficiency. Its programmable controls and enhanced safe lockouts prevent misuse and minimize the risk of injury. Plus, the machine works quietly, at less than 70 decibels. Once the unit begins processing, the yellow operating light turns on to alert operators that the machine is in use.

The glass processing plant significantly cuts waste handling costs. Offering an eight-to-one size reduction, the economic design crushes eight glass containers down to the equivalent size of just one container — reducing the overall frequency of waste removal. This volumetric reduction also decreases disposal and haulage costs by several hundred dollars per month for most operations.

The byproducts produced by the glass processing plant can be sold to recycling centers as well as used in landfills and aggregate operations. The permeability of glass sand is ideal for aggregate contractors since it can improve the quality of gravel in an aggregate mix due to its long-term strength and thermal insulation as well as aesthetic appeal. Certain states require as much as 10 percent reclaimed glass to be blended with other aggregates in Class 5, 6 or 7 road base materials. Glass sand also can be used for erosion and irrigation control, as landfill covers and for paint mix.

The plant is designed for fast, simple maintenance. All key components, such as the rotor parts and the sizing screen, are easily accessible. The unit can be quickly cleaned using a simple detergent mix.